Getting noticed as a top performer isn’t always easy if you’re in a crowded workplace. There’s likely to be plenty of competition and limited opportunities. Following these tips should help you stand out, gain the attention of your employer and open more doors for your career path.

Outwork Your Colleagues

There’s a quote from Mark Cuban that perfectly summarizes the importance of working hard, “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is.” You may not always be the most experienced, skilled or talented person at your company, but you can always outwork everyone else.

Employers are always taking notice of who’s working their tail off and who’s simply going through the motions with minimal effort. If you develop a reputation for a strong work ethic, you will inevitably reap the rewards.

Develop Your Niche

Anyone can be a “generalist” who can do a little bit of everything. What you want is to be recognized as the go-to person for a task. Your goal is to become the resident expert who specializes in a key area and who is therefore indispensable. Consider the key areas in which you excel and strive to develop those areas even further until you carve out your niche.     

Take Initiative  

Don’t be the kind of employee who managers need to motivate before you take action. Instead, be the one who constantly takes initiative without anyone asking for it. For instance, you might volunteer for a project when no one else is stepping up to the plate. Or you might go out of your way to help your colleagues on a project where they’re struggling. The point here is to be proactive, and take action without any prompting.

Look for Ways to Improve

No matter how efficient a company and its operations may be, there’s almost always room for improvement. If you spot flaws or issues, look for ways to improve them. Maybe there’s a better way to communicate with clients, or maybe there’s an outdated policy that’s inhibiting company growth. Whatever the case may be, you can quickly build a reputation as a vital employee if you’re the one who offers ideas for improvement. Just be sure you’re using tact when discussing your ideas.

There are several ways to stand out as a top performer. All it takes is a little extra effort and a genuine desire to get ahead. By catching the attention of your employer, you’ll have more job security, be in a better position for promotions and can unlock a host of other advantages.

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