Some job seekers are anxious about their first interview with a recruiter because it’s different than a traditional job interview. They may not by applying for a specific job and aren’t quite sure how to approach it. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing so you can make the experience a positive one and find the right job for you.

Dress Appropriately

When it comes to your attire, dress the same way for an interview with a recruiter as you would for any other interview. You’ll want to look professional and do everything possible to make a great first impression. For men, this usually means wearing slacks or khakis and a button up shirt. For women, this usually means wearing a sweater or blouse and dark dress pants.

Compile a List of Jobs/Tasks That Play to Your Strengths 

There are likely to be several job openings available across multiple employers. For instance, we primarily place candidates in industries like administrative, customer service and light industrial. The recruiter’s job is to match you with the one that best fits your knowledge and skill set. So be prepared to highlight your strengths and previous experience.

Determine Your Openness to Different Jobs 

A question you’re likely to hear is what type of jobs you’re open to. Some examples include temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire. You should have a clear idea beforehand of which types of working arrangements you’re willing to accept.

Bring the Necessary Materials

You’ll typically want to bring along multiple copies of your cover letter, resume and portfolio if you have one. While this may not be necessary if the recruiter has your information stored digitally, it will come in handy if you need to share these materials with different individuals from the staffing agency. It also makes you look more professional and prepared, which will work to your advantage.

Rehearse Relevant Questions to Ask

Remember that questioning is a two-way street during an interview. Recruiters tend to think highly of candidates who ask great questions, and it can give you better details to ensure you ultimately land the right job. Check out this resource from The Muse for ideas on questions to ask.

Proper preparation is your ticket to nailing your first interview with a recruiter. This increases your odds of building good rapport and, ultimately, landing a rewarding job.

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