Millennials will account for nearly half (46 percent) of the U.S. workforce by 2020. Therefore, effective millennial management is still a relevant topic and critical for getting the most from your staff. Here are six of the top strategies for managing millennials.

  1. Take a Mentor Rather Than Boss Approach 

The traditional boss/employee relationship is considered passé by most of the younger generation. Having a rigid structure where they’re treated as subordinates can have a negative impact. Instead, it’s better to approach it like you’re a mentor who’s there to guide millennial employees, while avoiding the traditional hierarchy. 

  1. Avoid Micromanaging 

Watching and analyzing every move of these employees is a recipe for disaster. It stifles the creative process and can lead to resentment. A better approach is to gradually give these workers more responsibility as they continue to prove themselves.

  1. Try to Offer Flexible Scheduling 

There’s a huge demand for a healthy work/life balance. You’ll find that most millennials have no desire to work 50 or even 60+ hour weeks and prefer to have flexible scheduling that fits in with their lifestyle. Some possibilities include:

  • Negotiating hours upon hiring
  • Telecommuting
  • A compressed workweek
  1. Allow Them to Hone Their Tech Skills 

It should come as no surprise that younger workers are adept at using technology. Mobile devices, search engines and social media are all in their wheelhouse. Therefore, it’s wise to give them opportunities to use cutting-edge technology. Not only do most millennials enjoy it, it can help increase your company’s productivity as well.

  1. Create a Collaborative Environment 

Most millennials are fond of networking and enjoy collaborating with their peers. Establishing a culture that’s built on collaboration can spur creativity and innovative ideas. Some examples include eliminating cubicles, encouraging transparency and having different departments exchange ideas. 

  1. Provide Development Opportunities

Although this can be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with temporary workers, it’s nice to offer some form of development and advancement. Knowing there is room for growth can serve as a huge motivator and help you get the most out of these employees.

Millennials have an undeniable presence in the modern workplace, and this isn’t going to change any time soon. Understanding proper management techniques is your best bet for connecting with these employees, building positive relationships and helping them reach their full potential.

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