Subtle Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for a Raise

Almost every employee would like a raise. But asking for one can often be difficult and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some other more subtle ways to go about it and show your boss you’re ready for a raise without formally asking for one. Here are some ideas.

Be a Leader

Displaying leadership is a surefire way to stand out and capture the attention of your employer. If you can prove you’re not only capable of completing the tasks given to you, but able to effectively lead others, it should work to your advantage. “First, command the tasks and responsibilities in your current role, and then start solving the problems that your soon-to-be self would be working on,” writes entrepreneur Jenna Tanenbaum. When you put forth this type of effort, your boss will take notice.

Take Risks

You could argue that risk takers are the ones who often get ahead in the workplace. Having a willingness to put yourself out there and embrace challenges is a big part of developing your skill set and becoming a more valuable employee. So if your boss has a new project that needs to be completed, you would want to be the first one to volunteer for it. This shows you have self-confidence and you’re willing to do much more than the bare minimum—two things that managers look for.

Have Good Communication Skills

Solid communication is important in most workplace situations. But it’s especially critical if you’re striving to be a top employee and keep moving up the company ladder. So, this is something to work on and keep striving to improve. In particular, you’ll want to share your accomplishments with your boss and let them know whenever you’ve reached a milestone.

Think Outside the Box

For instance, you could subtly mention how much you enjoy working for your employer, provide them with some concrete numbers on how you’ve helped increase company productivity or offer suggestions on ways they could get more customers.

Straight up asking for a raise can be awkward and potentially even offend your boss, but taking these subtle approaches shows them that you deserve a pay increase without officially asking for it.

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