Increase Flexibility. Improve Focus.


The facility was struggling to get positions filled in a timely manner. They needed more flexibility in bringing on and releasing people during peak periods and reaching project deadlines. HR needed free time to focus on other priorities than recruiting.

Client Solution:

The customer initially recruited on their own, before moving to a corporate recruiting department, which provided a dedicated team that recruited from another city.

Encadria’s Solution:

Encadria recommended a temporary-to-hire model. They would begin recruiting from their Atlanta office, then interview in person at the facility where the employees would be working. This allowed applicants to see the site and work firsthand, and meet some of the key members of the team.


The temporary-to-hire model was a big success. The facility elected to move a number of other roles to the temporary-to-hire model. This expansion led to adding a full-time dedicated resource at the site. This allowed additional focus on recruiting, a strong focus on employee relations and retention efforts, and an elevated level of customer service.


  • Time and resource savings: shorter time to fill and exit
  • Labor cost savings: estimated $253K/annually
  • Shorter forecast time
  • Flexibility in head count adjustments
  • Reduction in HR/leadership time
  • Demonstrated performance
  • 80 employees transitioned from temporary to full-time between 2016 and 2018

Potential Future Benefits:

  • Available temp pool developed for immediate needs, absences, etc.
  • Source of people for project/low skill work