Improve Quality. Reduce Turnover.


The quality of candidates placed with the client by their local staffing partner was not acceptable. Client also had difficulty retaining good performers despite their best efforts.

Client Solution:

They committed to a sole staffing provider in the area, hoping this exclusive relationship would make them a top priority. Unfortunately, they remained just another customer to their staffing service, receiving “recycled” employees who didn’t meet the requirements of other companies.

Turnover was a huge issue with annual turnover rates had been as high as 78%.

Encadria’s Solution:

Taking over as the sole staffing provider role, Encadria dedicated 20% of staff time to location site visits. They provided candidate walk-throughs, sourcing, interviews, and completed pre-hire screening aligned with client requirements.

Encadria’s temporary-to-hire program also included a defined program for employee relations and customer service, where they checked in with the clients and employees on a regular basis to assess assignment fit from both perspectives.


Encadria Staffing Solutions met with the leadership team to learn everything they possibly could about the facility, the corrugated business, the skill sets required in the employees placed, the work schedules, and the temporary employee performance and safety expectations, as well as company culture.

Encadria developed a customized recruitment program and built a pool of qualified candidates. On an agreed upon date, the employees attended a comprehensive company and safety orientation. The partnership has been on a roll ever since.


The program is working! When Encadria began the partnership with Georgia Pacific Sheboygan, the company was greatly understaffed and struggling to meet production goals. Today, they’re fully staffed with a combination of full time and temporary employees. To date, 45% of the Encadria employees placed at the location have been hired as full time employees.

Those who struggled on the assignment were coached to improve and sustain good performance… some made it, some did not. But any turnover was on Encadria, not the facility. GP Sheboygan truly appreciates how the temporary-to-hire model has help them reach their desired, sustained staffing level.