Improve Your Staffing ROI.

Take a strategic approach to office recruitment and light industrial staffing. Encadria’s staffing solutions can be used as a tool to overcome some of your biggest challenges:

  • Provide long-term planned staffing strategies
  • Manage short-term demand peaks, control costs and reduce downtime
  • Build a funnel of qualified candidates who fit your organizational culture
  • Outsource payroll services to improve compliance without increasing administrative tasks
  • Ease administrative burdens with on-site management

Sharper candidates. Better results.
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Staffing Services

Temporary Staffing

Supplement your existing workforce during employee absences or temporary skill shortages. Accommodate peak workloads and special projects. Encadria Staffing Solutions has carefully screened employees ready for your assignment.


Measure one of our employee’s skills and fit before committing to a full-time hire. You can make an offer to our employee after the trial period, or during the assignment on a negotiated basis.

Direct Hire

Hire sharper candidates, faster and more cost-effectively. Our experienced staff sources candidates who meet your skill and experience requirements, coordinates all staffing transactions and simplifies the recruiting process.

Payrolling Services

Recruit and screen your own workers, but place them on our payroll. This is an excellent way to extend the services of retiring employees or to employ students, co-ops and interns. By assuming employer responsibility, Encadria Staffing Solutions saves you time and reduces liability and administrative work.

On-site Management

On-site management is a long-term solution to variable staffing needs. Our on-site manager will work at your facility to coordinate all staffing requirements and manage your entire flexible workforce.