The Encadria team in Bowling Green strives to fill our positions with safety orientated and production driven employees.

Chad C. – Bowling Green, KY

I worked with Krystal Leonard in the Spring of 2022 to acquire a temporary storeroom associate. I found Krystal to be very personable and easy to work with. She moved very fast on the request and was available to answer questions at a moment’s notice. I believe we went from the initial request to extending an offer to a qualified candidate in less than two weeks, which was remarkable, and we have been very satisfied with the candidate over the past 5 months.

Curtis S. – Fletcher, OK

I have had a very positive experience with Encadria and in specific Sheri Pamperin.  I have had a few contractors with her over the past couple years.  She helped me process a timecard I forgot to approve once on a Monday.  Recently, I had a request for a new role and she posted, interviewed and started the new contractor in less than 2 weeks.  She is always quick to respond, positive and very helpful.  There is nothing I would recommend changing with the process.

Hannah J. – Green Bay, WI