How to Ask for More Responsibility at Work

If you’re like many top performers, you want to grow your career. To do that, you have to take on more responsibility at work. But before you can ask your boss, you must show them that you’re up to the job.

Here are some tips to do that: 

Be good at your job. 

This sounds like a no-brainer. But too many times, workers ask for more responsibility without getting their existing assignments done. This can happen for many reasons, from boredom to lack of fit. However, make sure it’s not an issue for you. Get your work done, show up on time and be the kind of employee your boss has total confidence in.  

Be a problem solver. 

Don’t just passively expect your boss to solve every problem. Instead, take the initiative and solve some on your own. Pick one, study it so you understand it, then develop an intelligent solution. Talk to your boss about it and why you think it will work. This will go a long way in showing your drive and ability to think creatively and strategically.  

Look for ways to make customers happier. 

At the end of the day, your company needs happy, loyal customers to stay in business. So look for ways to improve and even expand your client base. Whether it’s by solving a common complaint that customers have or looking for new and value-added ways to serve them, this will demonstrate to your boss that you have what it takes to stay on top of customer needs. 

Time your request right. 

Once you have evidence that you’re ready for more responsibility, set some time aside to discuss it privately with your boss. When you do, make sure you’re considering the timing. Don’t ask them at the watercooler or when they’re in the middle of a stressful project. Wait for the situation to settle down and then ask to meet privately with them when the time is right. If they’re in the process of budgeting and planning for next year, then this is a great time to bring up the possibility of you taking on more.  

Sell your skills and experience. 

When you go to this meeting, be ready to make your case for why you should be assigned more responsibility. Have specific examples of what you’ve done in the past to earn your boss’s trust and make a positive difference at the company.  

Don’t take rejection personally. 

Hopefully, your boss will see why giving you more responsibility makes sense. If they don’t, however, don’t take it personally. Don’t get angry or defensive. Simply ask why and what you can do to set yourself up for advancement in the future. 

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