Benefits of Working 2nd or 3rd Shift

If you work in an industrial environment, then your schedule is generally based on shifts. Most want to work 1st shift since this is more of a traditional 9-5 schedule. However, there are many advantage of you taking on the 2nd or 3rd shift instead. Here’s a look at a few ways you can benefit:  You can earn more.  Since the… Read More »

How to Ask for More Responsibility at Work

If you’re like many top performers, you want to grow your career. To do that, you have to take on more responsibility at work. But before you can ask your boss, you must show them that you’re up to the job. Here are some tips to do that:  Be good at your job.  This sounds like a… Read More »

5 Benefits of Flexible Scheduling for Light Industrial Employees

In today’s challenging world, flexibility is critical to meeting all the demands you have at work and at home. Not only does a flexible schedule make life easier for you, but it can actually lead to an increase in productivity when compared to your 9-5 peers.  It might sound counter-intuitive, but the more control you have when it comes to… Read More »

What Skills You Should Be Improving as a Warehouse Worker

As a warehouse worker, you need more than technical skills to get your job done, especially if you want to improve your career and advance it. So what are some areas to focus on? Here’s a look:  Communication.   Whether you’re talking to colleagues, subordinates, or vendors, you have to be able to communicate effectively. If… Read More »

Are You Ignoring These Warehouse Safety Rules?

The warehouse where you work is more than just a place to perform your job. It’s full of hazards that can cause an accident or injury if you’re not careful.   The good news is that as long as you’re aware of commonly missed warehouse rules and safely follow them instead, you can minimize your risk and stay… Read More »

How Can I Improve My Career as a Warehouse Worker?

Whether you work for a large industrial facility or a small, locally owned one, you want to get ahead in your career. But not all advancement opportunities are equal and you need to take some time and think through what you want before you make a move.  Where do you begin? Start with these steps:  Define your goals.  You… Read More »

What Not To Do When You’re Working With a Recruiter

When you want professional help finding a new job that’s right for you, a professional recruiter is a great way to go. They know who’s hiring in the area, how to get your foot in the door and can even offer you career tips and guidance.    However, in order to make the most of your… Read More »

Going Back To School? A Temporary Job May Be for You

Are you headed back to school in the fall? Do you still need to earn an income to pay for courses, rent and other expenses? Then a temporary job could be an ideal fit for you. Here are a few ways you can benefit:  You’ll get to experience different industries and work environments.   As a… Read More »

What Should You Do if You’re Late For Your Interview

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You researched the company, prepared great interview responses and made sure your suit was pressed the night before. But then your alarm didn’t go off. Or you got stuck in traffic. Now you’re an hour late for a job interview. What should you do? Here are some tips to help you… Read More »

6 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Help You Handle The Night Shift

You might love working the night shift. But it’s not exactly the healthiest time of day to be up and about. How can you make sure your physical well-being doesn’t take a hit if you’re up at night working? Here are six tips to help you:   Tip #1: Get enough sleep.   Just because you’re not sleeping… Read More »