Going Back To School? A Temporary Job May Be for You

Are you headed back to school in the fall? Do you still need to earn an income to pay for courses, rent and other expenses? Then a temporary job could be an ideal fit for you. Here are a few ways you can benefit: 

You’ll get to experience different industries and work environments.  

As a temporary employee, you have short-term assignments at companies that enable you to get an inside look into certain industries, business types and cultures. This can give you a better sense of what you’d like to do ultimately in your career and the kind of employer that will be the best fit for you in the future for a full-time job. 

You can work in a way that is flexible. 

Temporary jobs are flexible in nature. So if you have mid-terms or a big project coming up, you can simply choose to turn down assignments for that period of time. Once you’re done with tests or the semester, you can pick work back up and accept new assignments through your temporary employment agency. You can also let them know what hours you’ll be in class and which ones you are free to work, so they connect you with opportunities that align with your schedule. 

You can earn an income and even access training and benefits.  

Temporary jobs are far more flexible than full-time ones, making them a great fit for students. But, at the same time, you’re still able to earn an income and, depending on how many hours you work, could even be eligible for benefits from your employment agency. At the same time, many agencies offer free training opportunities to their workers, which you can also take advantage of and gain new skills in the process.  

Your temporary job could become permanent. 

If you find an assignment with a company that you really love and thrive in, then it’s possible to turn it into a full-time, permanent job once you’re done with school. Let your employment agency and the manager know of your interest and talk to them about the possibility, so you can get your foot in the door and potentially secure a new job.  

Want help finding a temporary job that’s a fit for you? 

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