Are You Ignoring These Warehouse Safety Rules?

The warehouse where you work is more than just a place to perform your job. It’s full of hazards that can cause an accident or injury if you’re not careful.  

The good news is that as long as you’re aware of commonly missed warehouse rules and safely follow them instead, you can minimize your risk and stay safe.

Here’s a look at a few key areas that are often overlooked: 

Not taking safety seriously. 

There’s a reason your employer has safety rules and that you’re required to follow them. They’re designed to not only help you avoid accidents but ensure your co-workers don’t get injured and property doesn’t get damaged. So take them seriously and make sure you’re regularly uptodate on them all. 

Not wearing the right PPE. 

Your personal protective equipment can sometimes be difficult to wear. However, the purpose of it is to keep you safe and away from an injury. That’s why you should wear whatever your employee recommends, whether it’s a mask, eye protection, hard hats or gloves. 

Not staying alert. 

If there hasn’t been an accident in your warehouse in a while, then it’s easy to become complacent. But that’s exactly when an issue typically occurs. Safety isn’t something to focus on once in a while. Considering all the hazards that are inside a warehouse, you need to keep it top-of-mind always.  

Not reporting hazards. 

Whether it’s a spill or tripping hazard or a piece of equipment that hasn’t been properly serviced, you need to report these to your manager immediately. If you don’t and someone gets injured, then it’s going to be an upsetting and stressful situation. So pay attention to any new issues and communicate them to your boss immediately.  

Not reporting employees. 

If you’re working alongside a co-worker who is not following the safety rules, it’s up to you to say something. If they are still bucking the policies that are meant to minimize the risk of injury and accidents, it’s up to you to alert your boss. They need to know about the situation to ensure everyone is working in the safest possible manner. 

Get help finding a safer new job. 

When it comes to safety, it’s everyone’s job. All employees and managers have a duty to follow the rules and to ensure that everyone else is as well. If, however, you work in an environment where you don’t feel safe and you’re ready for a change, Encadria Staffing Solutions is here for you. 

As a leading industrial jobs agency, we can connect you with top employers and a safer environment, so you feel comfortable going to work each day. Search our jobs now to get started!

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