What if I Have a Gap on My Resume?

The resume gap. It’s something employers hate and job seekers dread discussing. Nonetheless, you need to understand how to properly address it if you have one on your resume. Here’s everything you need to know. Why Employers Hate Gaps The main reason is simply because many hiring managers assume the worst once they see that… Read More »

3 Ways You Can Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can have a tremendous impact on your business. Gallup found companies with highly engaged employees have 40 percent less turnover, 10 percent higher customer ratings and 20 percent more sales than those that don’t. Here are three specific ways you can increase employee engagement to improve your company’s bottom line. 1) Know Their… Read More »

Learning From a Mistake at Work

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life. Everyone makes them, including while on the job. But it’s not something to beat yourself up about. Here’s why it’s okay to make mistakes and how you can learn a valuable lesson from a slip up. Staying Objective Physician and associate professor at the NYU School of Medicine,… Read More »

What’s Your Learning Style?

The tasks employees perform in a position are essentially the same. However, the way individual employees go about learning those tasks can vary considerably. Knowing what your preferred learning style is can help you once it’s time for an interview because you can tell a recruiter what type of instruction you’ll thrive under. The 3… Read More »