Keeping Employees Motivated in the Summer Months

It can be tough to keep employees motivated throughout the summer. The office is always slightly too warm or a little too cold. Everyone’s mind is on vacations, weekends or having a fruity drink after work. But no matter how much the mind may wander, work must still get done. Here are a few ideas to keep your team on task when they’d rather be at the beach.

Relax your dress code. If it’s appropriate to your organization and conforms to safety regulations, offer casual days. Your employees will welcome the opportunity to wear jeans, shorts or tee shirts to work and it costs you nothing.

Increase cross-training. Avoid the summer doldrums by teaching your people something new. Chances are you need people to fill in for vacations so it’s a win-win. They get to take on new challenges; you get the peace of mind knowing that work will always be covered.

Get people outside. You know they are thinking about the outdoors; why not take advantage of the pleasant days before they are gone? Conduct meetings outside when you can or add some outdoor seating where people can enjoy their lunch or breaks. A little taste of summer and some fresh air can help clear out the cobwebs.

Add teambuilding activities. Bring a grill to cook burgers and hot dogs for the team. Take the afternoon off to attend to a baseball game. It’s simpler (and cheaper) to step outside for a Wiffle Ball game than it is to rent off site space.

Encourage healthy competition. Provide incentives or try contests that encourage productivity. Establish guidelines and offer simple, inexpensive prizes for the winning individual or team. Adding a little fun can help to keep people motivated.

Encourage employees to take vacations. Lead by example to show your team you understand the value of downtime. Many employees are afraid to take time off. It’s important to recognize the productivity boost that comes with the opportunity to recharge.

Focus on changes you can make to raise productivity without hurting your bottom line. By thinking creatively, you can help your employees perform at their best year round. Happier workers often equal higher profits so take some time to brainstorm what your team needs to stay on task. To learn more about hiring better and keeping your people engaged, contact the experts at Encadria.

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