Heading to a Job Fair? Here’s What to Bring

A job fair is the perfect event to network and make contact with recruiters in your industry. But in order for it to be a success, you need to bring some critical items with you. Here’s a list of five specific things to take along.

Notes About the Organizations Attending

For starters, you’ll want to spend some time researching the companies who will be attending the job fair beforehand. You’ll want to take notes about the top organizations you’re interested in, including information like their mission statement, cultural values and what they’re looking for in an employee. You can use your notes for reference before speaking with recruiters so that you’re well informed to make a strong first impression.

Self-Marketing Materials 

It’s important that you can hand company reps something tangible so they can learn more about you and have your contact information. Most career experts suggest that you bring at least 20 copies of your resume or portfolio. Besides that, you may want to also bring business cards with your name, phone number, and email on them.

A Pen and Paper 

You’ll need to quickly jot down information about companies and positions during the job fair. So be sure to bring along a pen and paper. That way you won’t forget any critical information like a company rep’s phone number and email address.

Your Smartphone

A smartphone serves multiple purposes. First, you can quickly check an organization’s website or social media accounts to refresh your memory on important information. It can be used for note-taking or to take pictures of company materials. And finally, you can instantly check any websites a company rep directs you to. While it shouldn’t become a distraction where you look at your phone the entire time you’re speaking with a recruiter, it’s a valuable tool to have at a job fair.

An Elevator Pitch

Although this isn’t an item in the physical sense, it’s important that you have a 30-second elevator pitch prepared. This will cover the basics like your background, education, experience and why you’re interested in a company. For guidance on crafting an elevator pitch, check out this resource from Mind Tools.

The next time you head to a job fair, be sure to bring these five things along. Doing so should make for a smooth experience where you can fully capitalize on job opportunities.

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