7 Tips To Increase Workplace Productivity

Productivity is essential to the bottom line in every business, no matter its size. Continual improvement requires leaders to continually look for practical ways to maximize output. Here are seven tips you can use to start increasing workplace productivity today. 

1. Improve Training Processes  

Ongoing training helps employees to improve and grow continuously over time. Training should be conducted regularly in short, 45-minute to one-hour sessions. Make the sessions conversational in nature and use the time to reinforce good habits, introduce new processes, and help employees build new skills.  

2. Consider Incentive Pay  

Well-planned incentive pay for performance can help boost productivity. Incentive programs apply uniform standards to performance, ensuring everyone who meets the threshold is rewarded in the same way. It is important to set up incentive programs in a way that ensures you’re only paying bonuses for increased productivity so that the program can pay for itself.  

3. Maintain Equipment 

Workers need their technology, tools, and equipment to work every single day. When something breaks, it can halt operations. It’s easy to neglect maintenance, but a little bit of proactive maintenance can prevent a lot of costly downtime.  

4. Listen To Employees 

No one knows better where productivity is slowing or which processes are creating redundancies than the people on the front lines. In weekly staff meetings, encourage employees to present their suggestions for improvements and listen to what they have to say. Consider rewarding people whose ideas are implemented to encourage others to speak up in the future.  

5. Set Realistic Expectations 

High-pressure deadlines are one thing. Impossible deadlines due to misaligned client expectations are another. When workloads compromise safety or quality, employees will quickly become disengaged and will not operate at peak performance.  

6. Focus on Safety 

Safety is an important factor in maintaining productivity. Safety procedures can sometimes feel like a hindrance to efficiency, but working safely prevents downtime associated with accidents and injuries. To ensure maximum output, safety should be part of the company culture and following safety guidelines should be non-negotiable, even when under tight deadlines.  

7. Maintain A Flexible Workforce 

In a market rife with changing pressures and demands, a flexible workforce is important for productivity. Balanced personnel radios ensure you can meet fluctuating demands at any time.  

You can create a more flexible workforce by working with an expert staffing company that can provide you with skilled temporary workers exactly when you need them. These employees can be deployed quickly and help ease the strain on your existing staff, helping to prevent burnout while controlling costs.  

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