Resume Help: Filling The Gaps

If you are ready to embark on a job search but you have gaps in your work history, don’t panic. In today’s market, it is common for applicants to have gaps. People often take time off to raise children, care for a sick relative, or attend school. They may have been laid off, or they could work in a seasonal business. Whatever the reason, gaps can be normal. However, even when those gaps are legitimate, they can be difficult to address with hiring managers. If you have gaps on your resume, here are some tips to help you overcome potential objections.  

Use Your Cover Letter 

A cover letter is a great place to address resume gaps and it is always better to get them out into the open. Acknowledge your absence from the workforce and explain why you took the time away. Honesty is always the best policy.  

Make Temporary Work Clear 

If you worked temporary jobs and that’s why you have some gaps, make sure it is very clear to the hiring manager that you weren’t jobhopping.  

For each temporary job, include language that illustrates the nature of the contract. Say you were a “Seasonal Accountant” or “Temporary Machinist.”  In the bullet points, say that it was a “sixmonth assignment, for example.  

If your temporary jobs were all with the same agency, put the name of the staffing company as your employer and then list each assignment as a bullet point beneath that main heading. This helps make it clear to the hiring manager that you were working steadily at temporary assignments rather than quitting full-time jobs after a few weeks. 

Talk About Your Gap Time  

What did you do during the time you were not working? Did you take classes? Earn a certificate? Did you volunteer? Were you busy coordinating schedules for your children, working at their schools, managing your father’s medications, etc.? If you built some transferable skills during your off time, talk about them. This will show that you used your off time to continue to grow as a professional.  

Are You Looking For A Great New Job?  

If you are looking for a new job but you have gaps in your work history, the team at Encadria Staffing Solutions can help. We can assist you in crafting an effective resume and we can talk to hiring managers about your gaps for you before your interviews.  Browse our current openings or contact us today to learn more about our commitment to your success.  

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