Is A Staffing Agency Interview Different From One With A Company?

When you schedule an interview with a staffing agency, you probably have a lot of questions about what the process will be like, especially if you have never worked with a staffing or recruiting firm before. Here is what to expect and how to prepare for a staffing agency interview.   Treat It Like A Regular Job Interview … Read More »

Don’t Overlook Candidates with Employment Gaps

Recruiters look at a lot of different angles when assessing job candidates. One of the more common red flags is finding gaps in a candidate’s employment history. However, often candidates with employment gaps have potential with reasonable explanations for their time away from the workplace. Therefore, it’s important you don’t overlook this part of the… Read More »

Is it Time to Redefine Success?

Money, status, accomplishments and advancement – these are words you might associate with the word success. But when you get right down to it, success is something that’s very subjective and can be measured in a variety of ways. Defining it on your own terms is the key to moving ahead and finding fulfillment both… Read More »

How Can You Help Employees Boost Productivity?

Maximizing productivity is the goal of almost every business. Getting the most work done with the least amount of wasted motion is the name of the game. But how can you help the employees within your department? Here are some strategies to enable your staff to boost their productivity on the job every day. Create… Read More »

Employment Gaps? How to Discuss Them During an Interview

Responding to a question regarding employment gaps can be nerve-wracking for job candidates. Nonetheless, it’s a discussion you should be prepared for if there were extensive periods when you were unemployed. Here’s how to tackle this discussion during an interview. Be Upfront About the Situation Honesty is always the best policy. Dodging the question or… Read More »

Detecting Stress in Your Workforce

Although it’s common to have some degree of stress in the workplace, excessively high levels can have an adverse impact on employee morale and operations as a whole. If left unchecked, it can hurt your company culture, productivity and ultimately profitability. Below are ways to identify workplace stress and some effective techniques for preventing it.… Read More »

Cover Letter Writing Made Easy

When it comes to job hunting, there are two key components you’ll need – a resume and a cover letter. While most people understand the fundamentals of a resume, there’s often some confusion when it comes to a cover letter. Fortunately, writing a great cover letter that grabs the attention of potential employers needn’t be… Read More »

Are You Rejecting Overqualified Candidates?

When it comes to hiring an overqualified candidate for a position, employers may shy away for several reasons. Whether it’s because they think the person will become bored and jump ship, have excessive salary demands or develop animosity toward a manager who’s potentially less experienced, employers often opt for another, less qualified candidate. However, you… Read More »

Want to Reduce Hiring Costs?

Effective employee acquisition and finding great talent is a critical component of running a successful business. The only problem is that many hiring strategies can be costly, and cutting corners can jeopardize the quality of the employees you ultimately hire. Let’s now go over some practical ways to reduce your hiring costs without skimping on… Read More »