How to Highlight Your Safety Qualifications

Being safety minded is one of the most important traits you can have, especially when it comes to light industrial positions. Most employers will give preference to candidates with a proven dedication to safety and a positive safety record. That’s why it’s so beneficial to highlight any positions or certifications that showcase your safety qualifications.… Read More »

Seven TED Talks to Inspire Leadership

TED (short for technology, entertainment, design) Talks is an excellent online resource for learning about a wealth of subjects. Here are seven TED Talks that involve the elements of leadership and how to be a better leader. Lead Like the Great Conductors – Itay Talgam Talgam is an accomplished Israeli composer and is considered an… Read More »

Strategies to Improve Productivity

Many business owners wants a more productive workplace. Not only does a high level of productivity usually mean increased profit margins, operations also run smoother, and there’s less overall friction. Here are some practical ways to improve productivity and get the most from your resources. Practice Employee Appreciation According to a study by Name Badges International,… Read More »