Regardless of the position, an interviewer will be closely examining your communication skills.

  • Do you speak smoothly and clearly?
  • Do you seem adept?
  • Are you confident?
  • Do you know how to carry yourself?

These are just some of the things they’ll be assessing. Let’s now discuss the importance of acing your interview by showcasing both your verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Nonverbal Skills

Your body language will often set the tone for your interview, so you definitely want to get started out on the right foot. When initially meeting your interviewer, be sure to stand up straight and maintain great posture. Always introduce yourself with a smile and firm (but not aggressive) handshake.

Throughout the interview, maintain eye contact (without staring) and nod your head occasionally in agreement to show you’re paying attention. While seated, avoid crossing your arms or any other body positions that could make you come across as being closed off. Check out this resource from Forbes for more on proper body language.

Verbal Skills

One of the most common mistakes interviewees make when they’re nervous is talking too quickly. This is problematic because you’re likely to give poor answers and generally appear as overly anxious – neither of which will work to your advantage. So be conscious about your speech and slow it down if you’re speaking too fast.

Also strive to be clear and concise with your answers. Be aware if you find yourself rambling on or giving long-winded answers to a fairly simple question. The goal is to succinctly respond and get your point across. That’s it.

Listening is also huge. If you’re not listening closely, it’s more difficult to provide a good answer and articulate your thoughts. So when the interviewer is talking, focus in on what they’re saying.

When the time is right, ask your own questions. Most interviewers expect this, and it shows them you’re genuinely interested in the position.

Finally, in terms of your demeanor, don’t come across as being arrogant or unconfident. What you want to find is a happy medium and be assertive. In other words, act with confidence, professionalism and modesty.

Communication is everything during a job interview and can literally make or break you. Following the tips listed here should help you cover all the bases so you’re able to put your best foot forward. With any luck, you’ll win over your recruiter and land the job.

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