LinkedIn for Online Branding as an Active Job Seeker

Regardless of your industry and the specific position you’re applying for, the odds are good that you’re faced with many other applicants vying for the same job. Accordingly, it’s highly important to differentiate yourself from the pack. One effective way to do this is through online branding to express and communicate your unique skills, personality and values.

There are many social media options available, but only LinkedIn is focused on the professional world. LinkedIn is one of the first places that recruiters go to unearth information on a job candidate. Being active there can greatly enhance your online brand.

Here’s how to get started on LinkedIn

Start with a photo. Including a photo has become standard on LinkedIn for professionals expecting to be taken seriously.  Professional headshots are the best choice when available. If not, choose a photo where you are dressed professionally against a simple background that is free of distractions. Ask a friend to take a picture if you have nothing appropriate to use.

Grab attention with your headline. Use the space beneath your name to give employers a snapshot of what you have to offer. You only have room for a few words, so use them wisely. Include industry keywords if you can.

Create an engaging summary. Expand on your headline by touching on the high points of your career. List unique skills or achievements. Focus on qualities that really set you apart from other candidates.

Detail your experience. Don’t just list job titles; showcase your accomplishments. Your LinkedIn profile is no substitute for a resume and doesn’t require as much detail. Make it easy to skim. You want to generate enough interest that employers want to meet you.

Join LinkedIn groups in your industry.

Participate in groups where you can offer insights, answer questions and establish yourself as a thoughtful, engaged professional. This can give you a leg up on the competition and attract employer attention.

Update regularly. Updating your status as often as daily is fine. Use this opportunity to share relevant articles or blogs. Consider using the LinkedIn-provided blogging platform to further establish your professional expertise. Review your entire profile every couple of months to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

Link to an online portfolio or blog

It’s a professional way to showcase your work and impress employers. Build your online portfolio on platforms such as WordPress, Weebly or Dunked. Include the link on your LinkedIn profile to show recruiters your unique professional insights.

By putting forth the effort to develop an online brand, you should be able to outshine many other job applicants and wow recruiters. For more details on online branding and how to find the right job, please contact us today.


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