Strategies to Connect With Your Interviewer

There’s a lot that goes into having a successful interview, and some people get so wrapped up in the preparation that they overlook one of the most important aspects – connecting with an interviewer on a personal level. While it won’t guarantee that you’ll get hired, it can significantly increase your chances of landing a job when you’re able to win an interviewer over, and make a connection. Here are some strategies for accomplishing this.

Be Friendly and Courteous

This should go without saying, but you definitely want to do everything possible to come across as being nice and approachable. You should make it clear that you’re appreciative for the interview they’ve given you, and the opportunity to be part of the company. Be sure to smile, but not to the point that it’s excessive because you may end up coming across as phony or nervous. Just be genuine and pleasant in your demeanor.

Initiate Some Brief Small Talk 

While you don’t want to veer off from a professional, job-related discussion, it’s usually a good idea to start with some brief small talk to break the ice. If your interviewer doesn’t start straight off with the actual interview, you might ask something like, “How long have you worked for the company, or “What’s your favorite part of working here?” This will start things out on more of a personal note, and hopefully get things started out on the right.

Demonstrate Your Personality

In most cases, an interviewer will value someone who’s an individual and is able to distinguish themselves from the herd. Accordingly, you should strive to showcase your personality when appropriate. This could include saying something witty to lighten the mood, or highlighting an interesting experience that ties into the job position you’re applying for. Or if there’s a chance to show off your sense of humor in a tasteful way, then you should go for it.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking questions is important because it shows that you’re listening to the interviewer and comprehend what they’re saying. It will also provide clarification for anything you’re uncertain of. That’s why you should pepper in some questions throughout the course of the interview, rather than wait until the very end. But as an article from Excelle points out, “don’t ask questions about routine elements or functions of a company: where stuff is, the size of your cube and company policy on coffee breaks.” Just ask smart, pertinent questions that enhance the interview and allow you to build rapport.

Connecting with your interviewer offers many benefits, and may be the deciding factor in you getting a job over another candidate. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to connect when following these guidelines, and you’ll be more likely make a positive first impression.

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