How Temporary Workers Benefit Your Workforce

The way today’s workforce is run is considerably different than it was a few decades ago, and traditional employees are being replaced more and more by temporary workers. In fact, Biz 3.0 reports “since the official end of the Great Recession, the number of temporary workers has substantially risen by more than 50 percent to 2.7 million. This is the biggest increase since the government began to record these figures in 1990.” Choosing this route can have many advantages for your company, and here are some of the biggest.

Access to Talented Employees

When you work alongside a recruiting firm, you have instant access to a wide array of talented employees who can make a positive impact on your business. While in the past, these individuals primarily worked in low-skilled positions, things have changed, and it’s now common to find highly skilled workers with plenty of experience and solid educational backgrounds. Rather than dealing with the hassle of finding traditional employees on your own, you can streamline the process and find people who are the right fit through a recruiting firm.

Ensure You Always Have Adequate Manpower

Keeping up with demand is often easier said than done, and the traditional workforce is being supplemented more and more by temporary workers. This can be especially tricky during holiday and seasonal spikes, when there’s significantly higher demand for a few months at a time.

Temporary workers are a great solution, because they help to fill in the gaps and should keep your company supplied with all of the manpower it needs to function properly and stay productive. In turn, this can alleviate a lot of your stress and prevent burnout and exhaustion among regular employees.   

Evaluate Without Commitment

Another advantage is that hiring temporary workers is an excellent way to get a first-hand look at a person’s skill level and personality — without being forced to make a full-on commitment. If a worker exceeds your expectations and thrives in your workplace, then you can hire them for a full-time position. On the other hand, if it just doesn’t work out and for whatever reason they’re not a good fit, you can simply part ways amicably.


Finally, this makes sense from a financial standpoint. According to Business Know-How, a recruitment agency “is responsible for and bears the financial burden of screening, testing and hiring workers; payroll expenses and paperwork, workers’ compensation insurance, etc.” Some agencies even cover the cost of training, for even more savings. This is very beneficial to your business, because you can get the talent you need without it cutting deep into your profit margin.

Temporary staffing can be a major asset to your company, which definitely makes this option something to consider. Click here to learn more about finding temporary workers and other staffing solutions.

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