Apps You Need for a More Productive Day

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As an employer, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. It’s not easy managing the barrage of daily tasks that come your way and keeping the rest of your team on track. Fortunately, there are several highly effective apps that enable you to have a more productive day, while reducing your stress. Here are some of the top apps you should check out.


According to, the average worker spends roughly 30 hours per week checking email. Without keeping a handle on things, email can quickly consume your workweek and hurt your overall productivity. Dispatch is brilliant because it helps you “tame your inbox” with the following features:

  • Quickly archive and delete emails
  • Seamlessly switch accounts
  • Respond to important emails faster

If your inbox has become chaotic and unruly, this is definitely an app for you.


Do you find it difficult to organize your tasks and coordinate daily activities? If so, Wunderlist can help you get more done and make your life much more manageable. This is a task management app that allows you to coordinate multiple projects and check off tasks as they’re completed.

You can set reminders to ensure you don’t overlook anything important, share lists with colleagues and employees, make notes and communicate with other team members via comments. It’s also incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.


This is a time management app that helps you navigate your way through the workday with maximum efficiency. ZenDay is a visual-centric app that allows you to visualize your daily tasks so you can consistently complete projects on time. Schedule your tasks in advance, and once they’re done, ZenDay will remove them and make way for other activities.


“Be less busy” is the motto of this messaging app. The concept is simple. Set up different “channels” where you and your team members can communicate and stay in the loop with one another. There are public channels for everyone to see and private channels for one-on-one conversations.

If you need to review a specific discussion, you can simply use the search box and find key information in seconds. You can also share files like documents, videos and images by dragging and dropping them into Slack.

By using one or more of these apps, you can increase your productivity significantly. The best part is that most can be synced across multiple devices like your smartphone, tablet and laptop for maximum convenience so you can stay on top of things at all times.

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