Work-Life Balance is Out – Work-Life Mix Is In

Studies have found that America is the most overworked country in the world. According to Credit Loan, “In the U.S., 85.8 percent of males and 66.5 percent of females work more than 40 hours per week,” which is considerably more than the rest of the world. The International Labour Organization also points out, “Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, 260 more hours per year than British workers and 499 more hours per year than French workers.”

Consequently, finding a healthy “balance” has become elusive for many people. Here’s how finding a good way to mix or blend your personal and work priorities is the best strategy for being satisfied in all aspects of life.

The Benefits 

First of all, it’s important to touch on the advantages of attaining this type of balance. On the whole, workers who take the time to relax and recharge their batteries are more satisfied with their jobs and with life in general. They’re more productive and are less prone to absenteeism and tardiness.

The lack of stress also contributes to better overall health. Mental Health America reports, “Stress can zap our concentration, make us irritable or depressed, and harm our personal and professional relationships. Over time, stress also weakens our immune systems, and makes us susceptible to a variety of ailments from colds and backaches to heart disease.”

Although working more hours may seem like a natural catalyst for increased productivity, it can actually have the opposite effect. By devoting time to personal matters and simply taking a break, it puts you in a better position to thrive.

Strategies for a Healthier Work-Life Mix

Here are a few ideas on how you can get things back on track:

  • Ask for fewer hours if you’re struggling with exhaustion from overwork
  • See if your employer has options for flexible scheduling
  • Look into telecommuting so you can complete key tasks from home
  • Be conscious of your engagements, and don’t over-schedule
  • Take “digital sabbaticals” where you abstain from technology for brief periods of time (e.g., turn off your phone and don’t check email for a few hours)
  • Take the time to exercise and eat right
  • Make time solely for social activities where you can unwind
  • Try out new hobbies and activities

There’s an overwork epidemic happening in America right now, and it’s taking its toll. Striving for a solid work-life mix can have a host of benefits and make you a more productive worker and a happier person.

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