Hiring For Your Bottom Line

Hiring is often a difficult, time-consuming process. According to SHRM, it takes an average of 42 days to fill a position. So, you obviously want to get it right and ensure you’re bringing the right people on board. Although there are several factors that determine an employee’s likelihood of success, it largely boils down to one thing—hiring for your bottom line. Here are some specific things to look for when doing this.

Employees Who Fit Your Values and Mission

The concept of company culture receives a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. Establishing a tight-knit team of employees who are on the same page with one another is crucial for building chemistry and maximizing productivity. This is why one of your top priorities is to look for individuals who fit your values and mission. How do you do this?

Fast Company first suggests asking job candidates questions to see if they show an understanding of your culture and following this with open-ended questions that give you a feel for what their priorities and goals are. One example would be, “What type of workplace environment are you the happiest and most productive in?”

Possessing the Right Skills, Experience and Potential

Besides being a solid cultural fit, it’s also important that new hires have the right qualifications. Take a close look at their skill set and experience to make sure they’re in line with what’s necessary for success as an employee.

  • Do they have adequate education and/or certifications?
  • Do they have a proven track record at previous employers?
  • Can they highlight any particular ways they added value at a former job?

These are some of the questions that will help you assess this factor.

Working With a Staffing Partner 

Let’s be honest. Recruiting can be challenging, especially if your company lacks a formal HR team. This is problematic because it can add complications to the recruiting process and negatively impact the quality of your hires. One way to overcome this challenge is to work alongside a staffing partner. They’ll be able to use their experience and extensive network to find only the most qualified candidates who possess the right hard and soft skills needed to thrive within your organization. In turn, this should streamline the hiring process and eliminate a lot of stress on your end.

Effective hiring is largely about your bottom line. By prioritizing accordingly and using available resources, you should be able to find talented employees who truly add value to your company.

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