Is Your Workforce Engaged?

Employee engagement is one of the most important metrics for your business. After all, it affects multiple areas like productivity, efficiency, profitability and culture. For this post, we’ll look at some of the specific benefits that engagement has and how to find engaged employees right off the bat.

The Value of an Engaged Workforce

Research has found, “Organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by 202 percent.” On top of that, “Companies with engaged workers have six percent higher net profit margins.” These are some huge numbers and show just how big of an impact it can really have. When your team members are truly motivated and dedicated, they naturally give more effort, which is a huge advantage for your company.

One of the best ways to maximize your engagement level is to hire engaged employees. Here are some techniques for doing so.

Start With Your Job Description

Chris Fields makes a great point in the Hiring Success Journal. “The job ad is one of the first indicators of a company’s organizational culture. If the job description and ad are boring, bland and uninspired, guess what type of talent you’re going to attract?”

That’s why it’s critical you create a robust job description and be highly detailed about the type of employee you’re seeking. Go beyond just basic knowledge and qualifications, and touch on their attitude, drive or anything else you feel plays a role in engagement.

Look for Candidates With Some Key Traits

Staff recruitment and sales expert Ken Sundheim explains that effective recruiting begins by seeking out candidates with the right traits. In the case of engagement, he specifically suggests you look for individuals with passion, work ethic, integrity, resiliency and positive energy. Finding people with most or all of these traits greatly increases their likelihood of success.

Assess Their Enthusiasm During the Interview

A person’s level of enthusiasm (or lack thereof) can be a big indicator of how engaged they would be if they get hired. So pay close attention to how they behave, and only hire people who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm.

Without engaged employees, it’s difficult for your company to experience any real sustained growth or success. But making it a focal point of your hiring process should ensure you find staff members that are truly committed and willing to put forth the necessary effort.

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