Three Tips for Having an Impact on the Job

Getting started on the right foot with a new job is critical. It’s often the initial phases that determine what type of impression you make on your employer and sets the stage for your overall success. Here are some strategies to ensure that you’re impactful on the job.

Follow Through

Doing what you say you’re going to do goes a long way and is vital for earning the trust of your managers and co-workers. So, you should always take any promises you make seriously and deliver on them to the best of your ability. Think it through before making a big commitment such as volunteering for a new project and be sure you’ll be able to meet your deadline.

Set Goals

A big part of career development is continually pushing yourself to improve. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything over the top, it’s a good idea to periodically set goals for yourself. For instance, you may start out in an entry-level position, but your goal is to climb up the ladder and be promoted to a position with more responsibility.

Having this type of goal would naturally motivate you to exert more effort and keep learning. And this shows your employer you have initiative and drive—two things that are highly valued.

Ask for Feedback

Getting input on your performance from both your peers and management is a surefire way to improve at your job. As an individual, you may have limited insight. But when you get objective feedback from others, you’ll know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. That way you can accelerate your own personal progress and become the best employee possible.

You want to do everything within your power to have an impact on the job. Following these three tips should help you do that and stand out from the rest of the pack.

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