How Your Attitude Impacts Your Team

Company leaders carry a lot of sway in the workplace. Your attitude and overall approach to management impacts the rest of your team on many different levels. Let’s now discuss the importance of being positive and how this type of mindset can help your business thrive.

A Positive Attitude Goes Farther Than a Negative One

Instructional writer Chris Miksen explains, “A company consists of employees with primarily negative or positive attitudes. An employee’s attitude often reflects the attitude of his superiors. Managers who take a negative outlook on everything usually cause employees to do the same.”

If you’re the type of person who naturally sees the good in most situations, you’ll naturally develop a positive vision for your company. You’ll be more capable of performing your job duties, better able to work your way through adversity and be more inclined to continually improve your team.

Not only does this help you perform your job at a higher level, it should rub off on the rest of your team as well. In turn, you’ll likely see enhanced performance, increased productivity and a better overall culture.

You Act as an Example

Team members will inevitably look to leaders and mimic their actions to a certain extent. If you set a good example and stay positive even in difficult situations, your employees should do the same and vice versa. In other words, your mentality trickles down and contributes to your company’s success (or failure).

The Negative Impact of a Bad Attitude

“The problem with a leader having a bad attitude is that it’s like a virus … it spreads quickly,” says author, speaker and business coach Peter Barron Stark. “A bad manager can ruin the work environment and lower morale for everyone.” While no one is perfect, and everyone is entitled to have an off day, having a pessimistic mindset can take a toll over time. So if you feel like this is something you’re slipping into, it’s important to consciously work on improving your attitude and strive to be more positive.

Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility. You should be aware that your attitude will rub off on other team members, so it’s crucial you don’t fall into the trap of negativity. Taking steps to become more positive should not only help you be better at your job, it should strengthen your overall culture as well.

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