Re-Doing a Lengthy Resume

One to two pages. That’s the length most resumes should be in 2019, according to career expert Tom Gerencer. If your resume is any longer than that, you’ll probably want to re-do it and eliminate any non-essentials. Here are some tips to help you with this process to improve your resume dramatically. Only Keep the… Read More »

Why You Should Hire Part-Time Employees

Part-time workers — those who work less than 35 hours per week — account for only 18.3 percent of the workforce. But these individuals can be a huge asset to your company. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire part-time employees. Get the Skills You Need With a Budget Budget can… Read More »

5 Ways to Fight Procrastination

No matter how disciplined you are, procrastination can still sneak up on you in the workplace. When it does, your productivity can take a hit, and it can potentially create problems between you and your manager. Here are five surefire ways to fight procrastination and be a better employee. Set a Goal Having a specific… Read More »

There’s More to Life Than Work

Almost everyone gets a little stressed at work on occasion. But for some people, it’s more serious, and they experience legitimate job burnout. Employee relations expert Dana Wilkie writes in SHRM that this is a problem that’s at “epidemic proportions” with employees citing unfair compensation, unreasonable workload and excessive overtime hours as the three main… Read More »

How Your Attitude Impacts Your Team

Company leaders carry a lot of sway in the workplace. Your attitude and overall approach to management impacts the rest of your team on many different levels. Let’s now discuss the importance of being positive and how this type of mindset can help your business thrive. A Positive Attitude Goes Farther Than a Negative One… Read More »

Identifying Workplace Hazards

The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates there are 2.9 injuries for every 100 workers, making employee injury a major concern for every business. A big part of keeping everyone safe and preventing injuries is identifying workplace hazards. Here are some particular ones that should be on your radar. Exhaustion This is the biggest concern pound-for-pound… Read More »