5 Ways to Fight Procrastination

No matter how disciplined you are, procrastination can still sneak up on you in the workplace. When it does, your productivity can take a hit, and it can potentially create problems between you and your manager. Here are five surefire ways to fight procrastination and be a better employee.

  1. Set a Goal

Having a specific goal in mind does two things. First, it provides you with guidance so you’ll know exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. Second, it holds you accountable and greatly reduces the likelihood of you procrastinating. So get in the habit of setting workplace goals as well as career goals.

  1. Pin Down Your Distractions

Distractions run rampant in today’s workforce. Some of the main culprits include smartphones, the internet, gossip and social media. So, it’s vital you’re aware of what’s distracting you so you can eliminate or at least minimize it. For example, if you find you’re constantly checking your smartphone, you may want to leave it in your car while at work.

  1. Use Productivity Apps

While technology can sometimes be the source of procrastination, it can also be the cure. There are countless productivity apps that are specifically designed to help you overcome this problem and get more done in less time.

Some examples include:

Or you can check out this comprehensive list from Zapier for more apps.

  1. Minimize Interruptions

Interruptions can bring your productivity to a grinding halt. Even worse, they make it difficult to regain your momentum. Some ways to minimize interruptions include:

  • Silencing your phone
  • Turning off the TV
  • Turning off email
  1. Prioritize Your Work

“The harder and more unpleasant a task is, the better it is to do it immediately and get it out of the way,” writes the team at Edith Cowan University. “This is particularly true of big projects, which can seem overwhelming and require more time.” In most cases, you’ll want to go from most important to least important tasks because this helps ensure everything is completed on time and should prevent a lot of stress.

Workplace procrastination comes with many pitfalls and can really hurt your career, but using these five techniques can help you overcome it so you’re at your best.

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