Re-Doing a Lengthy Resume

One to two pages. That’s the length most resumes should be in 2019, according to career expert Tom Gerencer. If your resume is any longer than that, you’ll probably want to re-do it and eliminate any non-essentials. Here are some tips to help you with this process to improve your resume dramatically. Only Keep the… Read More »

Subtle Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready for a Raise

Almost every employee would like a raise. But asking for one can often be difficult and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some other more subtle ways to go about it and show your boss you’re ready for a raise without formally asking for one. Here are some ideas. Be a Leader Displaying leadership is a surefire… Read More »

How Your Attitude Impacts Your Team

Company leaders carry a lot of sway in the workplace. Your attitude and overall approach to management impacts the rest of your team on many different levels. Let’s now discuss the importance of being positive and how this type of mindset can help your business thrive. A Positive Attitude Goes Farther Than a Negative One… Read More »

What Distractions Are Holding You Back at Work?

Workplace distractions take a huge chunk out of productivity. In fact, a 2018 study by Udemy found that more than half (54 percent) of employees aren’t performing as well as they should because of workplace distractions. They even go so far as to say the standard eight-hour workday basically shrinks to six hours because of… Read More »