Four Skills That Great Leaders Have in Common

Sound leadership is something that seems to be lacking these days. A recent study found that nearly one in three employees don’t trust their employers. And that’s a big problem that can take a toll on morale, productivity and profitability. Here are four of the top skills well-respected managers have, so you’ll know how to hire accordingly.


Communication is absolutely essential in this type of position. And you could argue that being a good listener is just as important as being a good speaker. Not only is it vital for building relationships, it’s a big part of company growth.

Cyndi Sax says it well in the Association for Talent Development. “No one person, including executives, has all the answers, especially in today’s complex business environment. Listening provides you with access to a diversity of ideas and potential solutions you could not have generated on your own.” When you look at it this way, it shows the value of managers listening to employees and how it can help your business’s bottom line.


Everyone has their own unique struggles and challenges, and you never know what issues your employees may be facing at any given time. One of the marks of a great leader is being able to empathize with people. This inevitably leads to compassion, which should resonate with your staff.

Ability to Take Feedback/Criticism

Just as it’s important to be able to give feedback/criticism, a great leader will readily accept it as well. No matter how great their knowledge and skill level, everyone makes mistakes and could use some occasional improvement. So, you’ll want to look for leaders who are open to correction and understand it contributes to their own personal growth.


Kristin Chapman of DecisionWise explains that honesty can refer to several different things including:

  • Being transparent and open
  • Being willing to communicate what you’re thinking or feeling (even when it’s unpopular)
  • Keeping your word and following through on a promise

Regardless of how you define it, these are all traits that effective leaders share. Being honest isn’t always easy, but it’s crucial for setting the right example and properly managing employees.

Cultivating strong leaders should be a top priority for all companies. Knowing some of the key skills that leaders possess will help you identify top talent and contribute to the growth of your business.

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