How to Ease the Onboarding Process for Your Employees


An effective onboarding process can yield major benefits, with one of the biggest being increased retention. In fact, “69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.” It can also lead to 50 percent more new hire productivity and 54 percent more engagement. Here are some techniques you can use to ease the onboarding process for your employees.

Take Care of Paperwork Before Their First Day

A lot is going on during the first day of the job, and most people will feel overwhelmed. So it’s only going to make it worse if you hit them with a stack of paperwork to fill out while they’re getting oriented with their new environment. An easy way to avoid this problem is to have new hires take care of paperwork before their first day.

You may have them come in for an hour or so to complete all of the formalities, or you may be able to send it to them electronically and have them fill it out online. Doing so will get that out of the way so they can focus more fully on onboarding.

Give New Hires an Employee Handbook

It’s essential to have a point of reference where new hires can find information on company policies, scheduling, their fellow team members, and so on. It should also contain answers to FAQs so that you’re on the same page right from the start

Usually, the best way to go about this is to give everyone an employee handbook that covers all of the essentials. Not only will it help new hires get oriented, but they can also use it for reference later on if new questions arise.

Offer Them an Online Resource for Finding Additional Information

It’s also smart to develop an online resource that new hires can turn to for getting up to speed quicker. Some features might include a company forum where employees can communicate, links to company social media profiles, and training materials where new hires can brush up on their skills.

Appoint Each Employee with an Onboarding Partner

Business expert and TEDx speaker Perry Timms also talks about the importance of helping people feel that they belong and doing so quickly. He specifically recommends assigning each person an onboarding partner whose sole purpose is to work alongside them during their first three weeks and continue to be connected afterward. Doing so should help new hires get acclimated more quickly, and they’ll know they always have someone to turn to if any issues or questions arise.

Professional onboarding is essential to the success and productivity of your workforce. Following these strategies should help you streamline the process and get new hires plugged into your system more quickly.

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