Workplace Safety for Industrial Workers

Working in an industrial setting comes with a distinct set of dangers. Some of the main ones include slips, trips and falls, overexertion, repetitive motion injuries and equipment injuries. Here are some key tips for staying safe while on the job. 

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

One of the biggest dangers is simply not paying attention to your environment and not knowing what’s going on around you. Whether it’s a co-worker driving a forklift, hazardous materials being exposed or equipment not functioning correctly, this can quickly get you into trouble and result in injuries to either you or your team members. So be sure that you’re always “tuned in” to your surroundings, which brings us to our next point.  

Take Routine Breaks 

A common reason why employees don’t pay attention is because they’re tired and exhausted. After all, it’s hard to concentrate when you’re feeling fatigued, and you’re less likely to catch safety issues. That’s why it’s so important to take routine breaks and not push your limits. This should help you stay refreshed and increase your alertness so you’re less likely to make mistakes.  

Safely Stack Items 

Objects falling are a major safety concern in industrial jobs. For instance, stacking pallets too high or incorrectly placing items in shelving bays can potentially lead to them toppling over and falling on you or someone else. To avoid this issue, you should always follow proper safety protocol and ensure you don’t place too many pallets on top of one another or exceed shelving weight limitations.  

Promptly Clean Up Spills 

Over a quarter (26 percent) of nonfatal work injuries involved slips, trips and falls in 2017, making them a top safety hazard for industrial workers. But this is a threat that can be avoided by staying on top of spills and cleaning them up as soon as they’re spotted. Also, be sure to set up appropriate signs while an area is drying to alert others of the spill 

Use Proper Lifting Techniques  

Lifting heavy objects is common in this profession. Without using the correct lifting strategies, you put yourself at serious risk of back strain and other injuries. So be sure to use the right posture when doing this, which means keeping your back straight and using your legs to lift. And when you’re dealing with an extremely heavy object, either use a mechanical advantage like a forklift or ask for help from a co-worker.  

Although you can’t eliminate hazards completely in an industrial workplace, there’s a lot you can do to stay safe. Following these specific tips should help you efficiently complete your tasks while minimizing risks.  

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