2020 Manufacturing Industry Predictions 

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, thanks to factors from technology to new regulations and more. It can sometimes be hard to keep up. To help you navigate your way through the New Year, here’s a look at some of the biggest predictions for 2020 manufacturing trends nationwide and how they can impact your workforce: 

Wearable Safety Technology will Become More Prevalent

When it comes to new devices and gadgets, there’s a trend on the horizon in the manufacturing industry in the form of wearable technology. This is similar to watches and apps that monitor people’s health and fitness. However, in the workplace, these devices and sensors would be used in a different way, to alert employees to safety issues, as well as monitor and increase productivity and improve efficiencies across the board by tracking activities.  

There will be Increased Use of Predictive Maintenance Systems

When a machine or piece of equipment goes down, it takes productivity with it. To avoid this kind of common scenario, more and more companies are turning to predictive maintenance systems. These can alert companies of impending failures and help to reduce downtime. It also helps to manage the maintenance schedule so that equipment is serviced in a more timely and appropriate manner, optimizing this function in the process.  

Smart Manufacturing Facilities will Start to Become the Norm

There are smartphones and smart TVs. Now there are also smart factories too, with more and more emerging every day. This is where connected devices use today’s technology, from artificial intelligence to automationto enhance efficiencies and grow and develop, all at a lower cost. 

There Will be a Greater Emphasis on Cybersecurity

All this technology can offer manufacturing companies a host of benefits in 2020 and beyond. However, there’s a downside too when it comes to security. There’s a bigger risk for bugs and hackers to sabotage productivity. That’s where cybersecurity comes in and why it’s so essential. To protect companies, security policies and software must be in place to ensure that all these connected devices aren’t at risk for an attack or major meltdown.  

Clearly, there’s a lot that can impact your facility or warehouse in the year ahead. If another one is a skill or talent gap, turn to the firm that can help. At Encadria Staffing Solutions, we’re leading the way in manufacturing staffing, providing you with access to the skilled and professional industrial workers you need, quickly and affordably. Contact us today to learn more! 

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