5 Workplace Safety Tips You’ve Been Ignoring

In your industrial job, you’re constantly busy with new orders coming in and existing ones going out the door. In all that flurry of activity, it can be easy to cut corners when it comes to safety. However, doing so can have big consequences in the form of an injury or accident. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, here are five common areas that are often ignored and how to make them front and center in your workday: 

Tip #1: Not notifying your boss of a hazard

When you notice an issue with safety or a potential hazard, you need to notify your boss immediately. Otherwise, one minor hazard can lead to a major injury for you or your co-workers. It’s simply not worth it and far easier to follow your facility’s notification process when it comes to safety hazards. 

Tip #2Not wearing your PPE

Your employer invests in personal protective equipment for a reason. If, however, you’re wearing PPE improperly, or not at all, then you’re at risk. So make sure you follow the rules when it comes to safety gear. And if something is worn out and needs to be replaced, let your boss know. 

Tip #3: A messy workplace

When work is busy, it can be easy to let cleanup fall by the wayside. But a messy and cluttered facility can easily lead to slips, trips, falls and other accidents. Instead, make sure that cleanup is a regular part of your shift.  

Tip #4Not participating in safety training

One of the best ways to keep the workplace safe is through regular training. But if you’re not attending these sessions, then you’re putting yourself and your co-workers at risk. These are designed to remind you about important safety rules, as well as inform you of any new hazards or regulations. They’re critical to attend and can even save your life.  

Tip #5Being overworked

One reason that accidents happen is when employees are overworked and burned out. When this occurs, it’s not only easy to make a mistake but cause an issue that can lead to a major accident or safety incident. That’s why it’s important to take your breaks and let your employer know if you’re getting burned out. 

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