Having Retention Problems? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons

Good employees leave. It happens and is hard to deal with. But when there’s an increase in turnover and you’re having problems retaining many good employees, then there’s an issue.  

Hiring costs are high, not to mention the hit morale and productivity take with turnover. It’s therefore critically important to focus on improving retention and keeping your top performers. To help you in the process of identifying why employees keep leaving, here are six reasons that could be playing a part: 

Reason #1: Managers who aren’t prepared to lead. 

 It’s been said often that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. So if you have managers who have been promoted to their roles without adequate leadership training, then that could the source of the problem.  

 Just because a team member is great at their job in production, customer service, administration, or the warehouse does not mean they are prepared to lead a team of other employees. That’s why training and guidance are so imperative and a lack of it can cause turnover.  

Reason #2Lack of advancement. 

The best performers want the room to grow, not stay in one position with the same duties year after year. So if you don’t offer a path toward advancement, you can expect high-potential employees to move on to other opportunities with new employers to get ahead in their careers.  

Reason #3You don’t have current technology. 

If your work environment isn’t up to date and equipment is constantly breaking down or technology is obsolete, employees aren’t going to stay engaged and motivated. They’ll get frustrated and take the leap to other employers who are on the leading edge.  

Reason #4You don’t offer feedback and guidance. 

Your employees need parameters and regular feedback to ensure they’re hitting the mark. Without goals and communication about expectations, they’re not going to be successful in their jobs. Likewise, if you’re not checking in with them to touch base about progress, career objectives and other important areas, then you’re going to fall out of touch with them.  

Reason #5There’s not enough autonomy. 

 Leading contributors want to work in environments where they have some freedom in terms of how they do their jobs. They want flexibility and to be able to work autonomously without rigid rules and a hovering boss.   

Reason #6There isn’t a good work-life balance. 

If your employees are working overtime regularly and feeling crunched and stressed, then they’re not going to enjoy a high quality of life. It’s important instead to pay attention to your people and their personal lives so that you can help them balance work with it. Everyone will be happier, more satisfied and more loyal, as a result. 

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