Does Your Warehouse Have Poor Workplace Culture? Here’s How to Fix It

You know that efficiency and productivity are key for a successful warehouse. But is good morale also at the top of your list of priorities to achieve?  

If it’s not, then it’s time to make some changes. Having good morale not only means your staff will be happier working for you, but also improve their performance and loyalty as a result. This, in turn, can impact your customer service, customer retention and competitive edge. 

So how can you improve the culture in your warehouse? With these tips: 

Be clear about goals and expectations. 

When new objectives or expectations blindside employees, it leads to frustration and disengagement. That’s why it’s important to be clear about what you expect from each individual employee, as well as from your team as a whole. The more you keep in touch with them and the more clear you are, the more you’ll empower them to excel.  

Set the example. 

Being a good leader means setting the tone and positive examples. If you expect your employees to model a certain behavior, then you need to do the same. This not only helps them to understand your standards but also builds trust between you and your team members.  

Offer career advancement. 

Those on your team don’t want to stay in the same position without the possibility for career growth. Instead, give them some power over their careers and help them to move ahead in your warehouse. You can make this happen through training programs, mentoring opportunities, and continuing education 

Provide an avenue for feedback. 

As a manager, you likely provide a lot of feedback to your staff. But also solicit insight from them. They likely have ideas as to what areas are struggling, problems on the horizon and ways to best improve the company’s performance. Make sure you not only ask for feedback, but also integrate it. When employees feel like they have more of a voice, they’ll be more vested in your company.  

Need more help with your culture? 

There are many other ways you can improve your warehouse culture. But if morale is taking a hit due to too much overtime and not enough workers, Encadria Staffing Solutions can help. As one of the leading staffing agencies, we have pre-qualified, skilled talent ready to go to work where and when you need themContact us today to learn more! 


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