Are You Looking to Hire Top Finance Talent?

Finding and hiring highly talented employees in the finance sector is often easier said than done – and you may not have the time to sift through mounds of resumes to find the right candidate. Fortunately, working with a staffing partner can be a big help and pinpoint the ideal employee for your company. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a staffing firm and the strategies they often implement to find top talent.

Finance Expertise

Many staffing agencies specialize in certain areas, which means they have a vast amount of experience in particular industries. In the case of finance, they know the ins and outs of the industry and will have matched countless companies up with A-list talent in the past. In turn, this makes them qualified to find employees for your company.

Access to a Deep Database

Staffing firms have extensive networks that most employers simply don’t have. Professional firms are also consistently adding to their database, which means a fresh supply of qualified candidates that are primed and ready for employment. An added benefit is that they often have access to candidates outside of your immediate area that you would probably not find otherwise.

And within their database, they typically have a wealth of information such as previous experience, educational background and work history to ensure they base their decisions on tangible data rather than speculation, which lowers your risk of an employee turning out to be a bust.

Comprehensive Screening Procedures

Staffing agencies also have a knack for measuring a candidate’s value in terms of accomplishments and history and are able to effectively screen each person to increase the likelihood of finding the right fit. For example, they are adept at looking into a person’s resume or application to ensure that information is accurate and not falsified. They also have the tools to check out an individual’s educational credentials, previous employer references and criminal background so you know that what you see is what you get.   

They Consider Cultural Fit

A staffing partner will examine how likely a candidate’s personality and working style will match your company culture. This strategy is advantageous because it goes beyond just skill set and work history and dives much deeper to increase the chances of establishing good chemistry among your staff.  

When you’re looking to hire top finance talent, you’ll want to take the right approach, and having a staffing partner on your side can be incredibly helpful. Not only does this increase your chances of finding the right candidate, it can also save you time and money as well. If you need help finding talented employees in the finance or administrative fields, please contact our experienced recruiting team today at Encadria Staffing Solutions.

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