Is Your Company Ready for Generation Z?

It seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without hearing the term “millennials” and how they’re saturating the workforce, while simultaneously leaving their indelible imprint on society. But wait just a second. There’s actually a new generation entering the workforce – generation z, which includes individuals who were born between 1996 and 2010. Let’s discuss some predictions regarding the next generation and what it will mean for today’s workforce.


The old tried and trued recruiting techniques that worked for years are arguably not nearly as effective with “gen zers.” This demographic has been exposed to technology throughout their entire lives and are “online at least an hour per day, and nearly half of them are connected for over 10 hours per day.”

So what does this mean from a recruiting standpoint? It means that you’ll need to use the right channels to reach them. For instance, mobile job apps and social media tend to be effective outlets as opposed to more antiquated techniques like print ads and job boards.

Setting Them Up for Success

Unlike older generations of baby boomers and gen xers who may have an aversion to technology and be reluctant to use it, the vast majority of generation z thrive on technology and are adept at using it in the workplace. This penchant for tech can be quite beneficial to your company because it helps streamline many tasks and makes things significantly more efficient.

On top of this, capitalizing on technology like Cloud platforms and the Internet of Things (IoT) can put your business at a decided advantage over competitors. If you’re lacking on tech, it’s probably something you’ll want to focus more on in upcoming years. As more and more gen zers flood the workforce, having tech interwoven into your infrastructure will be essential for positioning this demographic for success.

Understanding Their Values

While you could make the point that baby boomers often value working hard, putting in traditional 40+ hour workweeks and spending years or even decades at a single job, this isn’t usually the mindset of gen zers. This generation tends to value flexibility and is skilled at leveraging their value, meaning they’re not afraid to jump ship if a better offer comes their way.

Not that they’re inherently disloyal, they know that there are plenty of options and different avenues for advancing their careers. That’s why it’s smart to offer flexible work schedules, the option for telecommuting if possible and comprehensive benefits.

Although generation z is just starting to enter the workforce, their numbers will only continue to increase in the future. Understanding this demographic and adjusting key areas of your business accordingly should help you with recruiting and hiring gen zers and put them in the best possible position to succeed within your company.

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