How to Find Your Next Job on Social Media

Employers are using social media more and more to attract talent. In fact, “Recruiting via social media is growing with 84 percent of organizations using it currently and nine percent planning to use it.” So it’s an excellent way to connect with employers and find great positions. Here are some tips to find your next job on social media.

Start With LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been and continues to be, one of the premier professional networking platforms. And it’s one of the first places many job seekers turn to in order to connect with potential employers. You’ll want to thoroughly fill out your profile by highlighting your experience, education, skills, interests and so on. Then, check out the “Jobs” section from your dashboard, which will be populated with relevant positions based on your experience.

Use Facebook Jobs

This is another popular social media resource that a growing number of job seekers are turning to. Facebook Jobs is very simple to use. Just select criteria like the radius from your location, job type (full time, part time, contract, etc.) and category (the industry). Check that information off, and Facebook will provide you with a list of current job openings based on those criteria. Click on “Apply Now,” and you’ll be provided with the rest of the steps to formally apply.

Follow Company Pages

It’s also wise to follow specific companies you’re interested in working for. This is beneficial for two main reasons. First, it gives you an up-close look at their culture, philosophy, working style and what they’re looking for in an employee. This can come in handy if you end up applying with them later on. Second, it gives you an opportunity to interact with recruiters and provides a simple means of initiating contact.

Keep an Eye out for New Job Postings

Finally, make it a point to see what’s going on in terms of job opportunities across your networks. Often businesses will announce job openings directly on their profile on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When this happens, you’ll see it in your feed and can immediately seize the opportunity.

Social media is a highly valuable job search tool. When used correctly, it can unlock many doors and put you in touch with the right recruiters. Following these tips should help you get the most out of social media and streamline the overall process.

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