Are You Losing Top Talent? Here’s Why.

The efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s recruitment process play a large role in talent acquisition. Making mistakes means you may lose out on top recruits, which weakens your talent pool over time. Here are some reasons why talented candidates may ditch your recruiting process and go elsewhere, along with suggestions for fixing these problems.

You Move Too Slowly

A sluggish hiring process is hands down one of the biggest recruiting roadblocks. Recent data states that the average time to fill a position across all industries is 42 days — nearly a month and a half. Making top candidates wait for an extended period of time like this means many will move on to search for other positions with competitors.

While you don’t want to rush the process, it’s important that you make it as quick as possible and let top candidates know what the status is. For instance, you would want to let select candidates know they’ve been shortlisted and you plan on setting up an interview in the near future.

You Oversell the Position

Another common issue is “overselling” a position where you make it look more appealing than it really is. This might include mentioning abundant opportunities like the chance for a quick promotion, permanent placement for a temporary position, amazing benefits, and so on. But when candidates investigate further or meet you with for an interview, they feel let down when they see the real picture. The point here is you should be honest and transparent about a job opening and be real with candidates when discussing development opportunities.

You Fail to Include Positive Information About Your Company

On the opposite end of the spectrum is failing to mention your company’s selling points. A big part of successful recruiting is selling candidates on your company by mentioning positive information about your culture, values and philosophy. Whatever positives that distinguish your business from the competition, you’ll want to cover. So by the end of the recruitment process, candidates are fully informed of everything you offer and have a clear understanding of the benefits of working for you.

Making the Most of Top Talent

While candidates obviously want to impress recruiters, it’s just as important for recruiters to impress top candidates. Otherwise, the caliber of your workforce will inevitably suffer. Knowing some common reasons why talent goes elsewhere should help you correct any recruiting mistakes and fine-tune the process.

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