6 Ways to Stay Safe in the Warehouse

Working in a warehouse means employees must contend with a variety of dangers daily. Whether it’s operating forklifts, manually lifting heavy objects or scaling large ladders, there’s a lot that can go wrong. That’s why warehouse workers need to take safety seriously and follow these six strategies.

  1. Always Receive Proper Training Before Operating Equipment

“As many as 20,000 workers are injured in forklift accidents alone each year, and 25 percent of those accidents happen when a forklift overturns,” explains material handling equipment manufacturer Koke Inc. Operating equipment like this can be incredibly dangerous if you don’t fully understand how to use it, so you must receive proper training and certification beforehand.

  1. Pay Attention When Walking Through Aisles

Warehouse aisles can become hectic and jammed both with workers on foot and workers on operating equipment; therefore, it’s important to approach aisles like you would a busy road. Always pay attention to what’s going on and look both ways before crossing.

  1. Look for Eye Contact with Machinery Operators

You can’t always assume that a machinery operator sees you. Often with the noise and commotion in a warehouse, they may not always notice other coworkers who are on foot. That’s why it’s necessary to always look for eye contact before moving past them.

  1. Get Help When Lifting Heavy Objects

You should know your limits when lifting heavy objects. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to you straining your back or worse. When dealing with something beyond your weight capacity, be sure to ask for help, or use a machine to gain a mechanical advantage.

  1. Inspect Ladders Before Climbing

“Slip and fall accidents make up 15 percent of all accidental deaths and 25 percent of all injury claims,” Koke Inc. adds. A big reason for falls is failing to be careful when climbing ladders; therefore, you should never assume that a ladder is in perfect working condition and fully inspect it before climbing.

  1. Know the Weight Restrictions of Shelving

Placing too much weight on shelving is a recipe for disaster. It can create a collapse and put yourself as well as your coworkers in danger. You should always know the exact weight restrictions of each bay and never exceed it.

A lot of staying safe in the warehouse boils down to basic common sense. Following these key safety tips should cover some of the more dangerous aspects of working in a warehouse and keep you free from injuries.

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