What Can You Do When Your New Job Isn’t What You Expected?

You just landed a new job, and you’re excited about it. But soon after starting, you quickly realize that it’s not what you expected and you’re having second thoughts about it. Here’s advice on what you should do in this type of situation.

Don’t Panic

The first impulse for many people is to panic. After all, it can be a little scary when you’ve put a lot of time and energy into finding a job only to discover that it’s not the right fit. While it’s certainly not ideal, try to remain calm and know that you’ll eventually come up with a solution.

Hang in There

Just because you don’t hit it off immediately with your new job and coworkers doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a disaster. There’s always an adjustment period, so most experts recommend sitting tight for a little while to see if your opinion changes. Usually, two or three weeks is a sufficient amount of time.

Discuss It with Your Manager

However, if you’re still having issues and feel the same way after two or three weeks, explain the situation to your manager. Be honest and tell them about the specific areas you’re having difficulty with. In some cases, they may be able to make some changes to better accommodate you.

Look for Another Position

If it’s clear that it’s not the right job for you after that, you’ll want to see what else is out there. Explore your options and see if you can find something else that looks more appealing, and use the lessons you learned at your current employer to guide your efforts. It’s smart to contact a staffing agency because they can help match you with a position that’s better tailored to your skillset. Or you can check job boards, social media and local ads to see what’s available.

Leave on Good Terms

Once you find another position (or if you have the luxury of being temporarily unemployed), make sure that you go out on good terms with your employer. Follow their protocol for announcing that you’re leaving and be courteous and professional about it. So, that way you won’t burn any bridges, and with any luck, you’ll get a referral out of it.

Realizing that a new job isn’t right for you can be discouraging and anxiety-inducing, but it’s not the end of the world. Following these steps should help you make the right move and get your career back on track.

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