What You Should Do If You Didn’t Get The Job You Wanted

You aced your interview and thought you’d definitely get a call with an offer. Unfortunately, the call that did come wasn’t what you expected.  

It’s normal to be disappointed and even frustrated or depressed about the situation. After all, you invested a lot of time and effort into this potential opportunity. So go ahead and process all those feelings and give yourself a little time to wallow.  

Then, move on. Here’s how: 

Ask for feedback.

Not all hiring managers are willing to do this for many reasons, ranging from a lack of time to legality fears. However, some will offer you insight into why you weren’t the chosen one. Perhaps there was an internal candidate in the running. Or maybe another candidate came along in the 11th hour that was the ideal fit. Whatever the case, having an answer can go a long way in helping you get over your disappointment and move onto to greener pastures.  

Look for similar opportunities. 

If there was something that really intrigued you about this opportunity or employer or attracted you to it, identify it and look for similar positions that are available. For instance, perhaps it was a non-profit you felt passionately about; the position offered you a level of flexibility you craved, or the company is one that’s known for innovation in the industry. In addition, make sure you’re networking and reaching out to those you know, letting them in on your situation and the kind of position and employer you’re searching for. 

Learn from the situation. 

Is there something you could have done better or differently to land the position? Then make sure you don’t make the same mistake next time. Every failure isn’t a catastrophe, though it might feel like it at the time. Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to learn and improve your interview skills. It’s also a chance to get a better sense of the types of roles and potential employers who are truly a fit for you. It might take more time than you expected, but in the long run, you’ll find the job that’s the best match. 

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