7 Reasons You Should Take A Temporary Position

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you might be focusing on full-time opportunities only. But if you also widen your search and look at temporary jobs, you could end up with a position you love, faster.

Here are seven reasons why temporary employment can offer great opportunity for you: 


Reason #1: You can learn about different fields or industries. 

If you’re still trying to find your footing in your career, taking on a temporary job is an excellent way to learn about various fields, industries or even just different size employers. As a result, when you’re ready to search for a full-time job, you’ll have more insight into what to look for and which positions are right for you. 

Reason #2: You can get a job with your dream employer. 

If there’s an employer you’ve always wanted to work for, chances are there are plenty of other candidates out there who feel the same way. It can, therefore, make it challenging to land a full-time job. However, you can instead get your foot in the door by taking on a temporary assignment. This will give you the chance to demonstrate your work quality and ethic. 

Reason #3: You can evaluate the inner workings of companies. 

When you accept a full-time job with a company, it’s essentially a leap of faith. You don’t truly know what to expect until you’re actually on the job. With a temporary job, you can experience the culture, leadership and inner workings of the company, getting a better sense of whether it’s a good fit for you in the long run. 

Reason #4: You can network. 

When you’re in a temporary position, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with co-workers and managers. This will not only give you an edge if a full-time opportunity becomes available but even if it doesn’t, they can serve as a reference for you in the future.

Reason #5: You can earn an income during your job search. 

If you’re currently unemployed, taking on a temporary job can offer you the best of both worlds: you’ll be able to earn an income, all while keeping your skills sharp or even gaining new ones. This will also ensure you don’t have any big resume gaps to worry about when you’re interviewing for full-time jobs.  

Reason #6: You’ll have the flexibility for your full-time job search and family.

Temporary assignments can often be more flexible than permanent jobs. For instance, they can be part-time, half-day or have other varying work hours. As a result, you don’t have to work all day, every day, and can get more time to devote to other priorities.  

Reason #7: You can turn it into a permanent job. 

If you’re able to demonstrate you have a strong skill set, a good attitude and are a fit for the culture, then you could turn this assignment into a permanent one. Even if it doesn’t happen right away, you’ll be on the shortlist to call when full-time jobs open up. 

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