What Staffing Solutions Are Right For You?

One of the most basic, yet essential aspects of running a business is having adequate staffing and a team of dedicated professionals who keep operations going smoothly. But how do you ensure that you’ve always got enough manpower year-round and are equipped to handle seasonal spikes? Many businesses are turning to temporary and temporary-to-hire staffing solutions. Let’s now highlight some of the key benefits of going this route and how it can positively impact your company.

Temporary Staffing

According to Chron, temporary staffing is when you “hire an employee for a contracted period. These contract or temporary workers fulfill all the functions of regular employees and can help during increases in demands.” Temporary staffing is an excellent way to fill in the gaps for a variety of scenarios. Some of which can include:

  • Increased consumer demand during the holidays
  • Employees going on vacation or maternity leave
  • An employee suddenly quits

In turn, this can help minimize the stress on other workers and ensure that your customers always receive the service they need. This gives your business increased flexibility and helps you stay more productive even if permanent employees need time off. On top of this, many of today’s temporary workers are highly skilled, so you can ensure that they have plenty of knowledge and expertise in your industry and will require minimal training.    

Temporary-to-Hire Staffing  

Under this arrangement, you hire a temporary worker for a trial period, but there’s no long-term commitment involved. If you’re satisfied with an employee’s performance, then you can bring them on permanently. Otherwise, the arrangement will end after the trial period. Temporary-to-hire staffing makes sense if you’re looking to hire new full-time employees and want get a feel for their skill set, work ethic, personality, etc., to determine if they would be a good fit for your company.

This is an effective way to get a firsthand look at an individual’s working style and evaluate them without being locked into a long-term agreement. You could think of it as being similar to taking a car for a test drive. This kills two birds with one stone in the sense that you can continue to get work done and keep your business productive, while simultaneously searching for the ideal candidate for a job.

Hiring temporary workers or temporary-to-hire workers makes sense for many of today’s businesses. By assessing the needs of your company and your long-term goals, you can decide which option is right for you. That way you can consistently meet your staffing needs without a lot of hassle and headaches.

For more information on temporary staffing and business management best practices, check out our blog or reach out to our experienced staffing team at Encadria Staffing Solutions today.

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