Do You Need More Sleep?

Not getting enough sleep is all too common for many Americans. In fact, the CDC reports that a third of U.S. adults get less than the recommended seven hours per night. They also add that failing to get enough sleep can have some serious long-term health consequences such as depression, heart disease and type 2… Read More »

How Can You Help Employees Work Through Conflict?

Although you by no means want strife in your workplace, the occasional employee conflict is inevitable. Part of your job as an employer is effectively resolving this conflict and ensuring it doesn’t adversely affect your workplace. Here are some best practices to help employees work through conflict. Confront the Issue Some employees are reluctant to… Read More »

Has Stress Turned Into the New Workplace Norm?

Stress has always existed in the workplace in some form. But it’s arguably never been more pervasive than it is today. In many ways, workplace stress has become the new norm and even accepted. Let’s discuss the widespread stress so many employees encounter in further detail and ways to overcome it. Some Telling Statistics An… Read More »

Why You Should Look for Candidates With Enthusiasm

If you’ve narrowed down your candidate pool to two individuals, who would you be more inclined to hire? Would you want someone who seems bored and disinterested or someone with a positive attitude and unbridled enthusiasm? Odds are you would opt for the latter. Here are some reasons you should look for candidates with enthusiasm… Read More »

Time-Wasting Red Flags to Look For on Your Team

In an ideal world, your employees would put forth 100 percent effort throughout every minute of every day. Unfortunately, this is an unrealistic expectation, and your staff can quickly get caught up in time-wasting activities if you’re not careful. In fact, “a 2013 study found that 69 percent of employees waste time at work every… Read More »

Common Interview Questions to Prepare Outstanding Answers For

The key to nailing a job interview is preparation and formulating the right responses ahead of time. That way there’s no hesitation, and you’ll be more likely to make a positive impression on your recruiter. Here are some of the most common interview questions you should be prepared to answer in a way that will… Read More »

Should You Consider Candidates With Employment Gaps?

One issue that many employers run into at some point is qualified job candidates who seem great but have gaps in their employment history. While your first impulse may be to immediately cross off these candidates, it’s smart to at least give these individuals a chance. Below are reasons why it’s important not to overlook… Read More »

Keep Your Job Search Moving

Many people have been in a situation where they’ve been looking for a job for a while and not having any success. This can create feelings of disillusionment, despondency and hopelessness, and quickly turn even the most ardent optimist into a pessimist. If you’ve found yourself in these circumstances, here are some strategies to stay motivated… Read More »

What Staffing Solutions Are Right For You?

One of the most basic, yet essential aspects of running a business is having adequate staffing and a team of dedicated professionals who keep operations going smoothly. But how do you ensure that you’ve always got enough manpower year-round and are equipped to handle seasonal spikes? Many businesses are turning to temporary and temporary-to-hire staffing… Read More »

How to Answer the Prompt, “Tell Me About Yourself” During an Interview

Of all the interview questions that job candidates face, one of the most common is the classic, “tell me about yourself.” While at first glance, this question seems simple enough, but many people get tripped up and set the wrong tone by not giving a solid answer. Below are some tips for preparing an elevator… Read More »