Keep Your Job Search Moving

Many people have been in a situation where they’ve been looking for a job for a while and not having any success. This can create feelings of disillusionment, despondency and hopelessness, and quickly turn even the most ardent optimist into a pessimist. If you’ve found yourself in these circumstances, here are some strategies to stay motivated in your job search.

Remember That It’s Often a Numbers Game

It’s important to take into account the law of averages when performing a job search and realize that it can take awhile before you find the right position. That’s why it’s a good idea to circulate your resume around to as many employers as possible as this proactive approach will increase your odds of finding a job significantly.

Seek Constructive Criticism

When you’re not making the progress you were hoping for, it’s often a good idea to get feedback to determine where you may be lacking. For example, if you were rejected after a job interview, you might ask the interviewer what you could have done better. Maybe you need to work on your elevator pitch or tweak your resume formatting. Whatever the case may be, getting some constructive criticism can prevent you from making the same mistakes and move in the right direction.  

Study Inspirational People

If you find that your confidence is a little shaken, get it back by studying people you find inspiring and getting guidance from them. To get yourself motivated, you might take a page from successful people and try to implement their philosophy into your life. For example, you may be able to gain something by studying people like Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban who went from relative obscurity to being wildly successful.   

Contact a Recruiter

Finally, you should consider going through a staffing agency and allowing a recruiter to help with your job search. They’ll be able to assess your knowledge, skill set and qualifications and can hopefully match you with a job that’s suited to your strengths. And because a recruiter is likely to have an extensive network, this should expedite the process and get you back to work.   

There’s no doubt that looking for a job can seem like a daunting task at times – and it’s not all that hard to lose your motivation. But by taking the right approach, you can get things back on track and find the right position for you.

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